Simple .htaccess .htpasswd restricted access user password management.

Simple .htaccess Password Management!

.htAdmin is a simple solution to a complex problem - how to restrict access to a particular directory or an entire website. For Unix users, there has always been a manual means by which to accomplish this, albeit confusing and easily forgotten if not implemented or maintained on a regular basis. .htAdmin utilizes the same .htaccess and .htpasswd files but manages them via simple form input.

  • Product:
  • .htAdmin
  • Application:
  • Website Security
  • Language:
  • CGI-Perl
  • No. Of Scripts:
  • 1
  • Variables:
  • 4
  • Server OS:
  • Unix/Linux
  • Installation:
  • Very Easy, Less Than One Hour
  • Compatibility:
  • Uses .htaccess And .htpasswd
  • Purchase Price:
  • $5.00 US

    .htAdmin allows the administrator to add and delete users from a single interface. Only one small CGI-Perl script with just four variables to edit - script path and URL along with the admin username and password. That's it. We also provide a formatted .htaccess file and blank .htpasswd file ready for upload to the directory that you desire to be protected.   •   Features   •   Demo   •   Download   •   Contact And Weingarten Enterprises. All Rights Reserved.